How Do You Buy Merck Stocks?


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To buy Merck stock, you must have a broker account with a company such as Scottrade, according to Forbes. Once you have access to a broker account, enter the company stock symbol MRK into the search box, and place an order.

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With a broker account from brokerages such as Scottrade, E*Trade or Charles Schwab, you can log in the account and view the company stock and current price, explains Forbes. To buy the stock, you must have the capital in your account to cover each share you wish to obtain, states NASDAQ.

If purchasing online is too difficult, broker accounts typically provide a toll-free number for support. Customer service representatives can help place the trade. Even during stock market closing hours, the phone representatives can help place a market order. This market order executes the following business day once the market opens, says the SEC.

Charles Schwab also has a live chat support that users can utilize to help guide them with buying the stock, according to Charles Schwab. However, customer service representatives cannot complete the entire process for customers due to security reasons. Another method for buying a Merck stock includes calling your banking provider, since all banks have access to purchase stock on your behalf.

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