How Do You Buy Items Online Using a Checking Account?


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Many utilities and telephone companies allow the payment of monthly bills and/or accessories with the use of a checking account, as in the case of TXU Energy and Verizon Wireless. People who use PayPal to complete payments for items have the option of funding purchases with a checking account.

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How Do You Buy Items Online Using a Checking Account?
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To set up a profile that allows a utility or telephone company to debit your bank account for payments, follow the link for adding a new payment method, and enter all of the required information. Once you've entered the information (which consists of the routing number for the bank and the account number), save the information so that you don't have to enter it each time. Paying with that same account later just requires entering the date of the payment, notes Verizon Wireless.

When using PayPal as a payment source, you can link a checking account to provide backup funding. For example, if you purchase an item for $75 through an online merchant that accepts PayPal but your PayPal account doesn't have $75 in it, the balance comes from your checking account -- up to the full $75. The backup funding limits vary with your account's history, but even if the PayPal account has a zero balance, as long as you're not buying something for more than the backup funding limit, you can fund the whole purchase with your checking account, reports PayPal.

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