How Do You Buy Insurance for Your Grandchildren?


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To acquire health insurance for your grandchildren, find out if your state requires medical consent, such as a legal affidavit stating that the grandchildren are in your care or a consent form signed by the grandchildren's parents, and ask your employer if you can add your grandchildren to your insurance policy, recommends AARP. If you're not employed, determine if your grandchildren are eligible to apply for Medicaid or the state's free or low-cost Children's Health Insurance Program.

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Medicaid and CHIP are government programs that generally cover health care costs of children age 19 and below, explains AARP. Medicaid also features the Early Periodic Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment program, which covers well-baby visits involving standard diagnostic tests and treatments similar to regular doctor visits.

While many states do not require legal guardianship of grandchildren for you to provide them with health insurance, some states may consider your income when evaluating the eligibility of your grandchildren, notes AARP. Find out about particular eligibility requirements by visiting AARP's Benefits QuickLINK website. This site lets you know about health care programs you may apply for your grandchildren, and it also provides links to application forms.

Alternatively, contact a local clinic or social worker, and inquire about the CHIP and Medicaid programs, suggests AARP. The Insure Kids Now website also offers information about health care programs for children.

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