How Do You Buy Individual Vision Insurance?


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To buy individual vision insurance, research different plans to find one that has the most benefits based on your specific needs, and purchase one through a trusted company, according to AllAboutVision.com. To calculate the total cost of savings, take into consideration the cost of eye exams, eyeglass frames, lenses and any lens enhancements that you typically purchase.

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When choosing an insurance plan, compare with different providers and ensure that the plan covers everything that you typically need, as well as any emergency or surgical costs that your health insurance doesn't cover, including discounts on LASIK as necessary or any medications or drops that your optometrist may prescribe, explains AllAboutVision.com.

There are two types of vision insurance plans: vision benefits packages, which are add-ons to existing health insurance, and ancillary plans, which are those purchased separately from your health insurance provider, according to eHealth. Benefits packages typically offer a specified co-pay and a dollar amount covered each year. As of 2015, these plans come at an average of $170 per year for an individual.

Ancillary plans tend to cost less than benefits packages, around $70 per year, and mainly feature set discounts on eye care needs. These types of vision insurance plans are usually the most economical for those without existing eye conditions and require standard care such as one eye exam and one pair of glasses per year, explains eHealth.

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