How Do You Buy Google Adwords?


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Buy advertising through Google Adwords by signing up for an online account, creating an ad, choosing keywords and setting up a budget. The cost depends on an advertiser's maximum cost-per-click bid and budget for the project. Google offers free support in setting up the account and ad campaign.

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To sign up for Google Adwords, go to Google.com, select Advertising in the bottom left corner of the page, and click on Get Started under Google Adwords. Follow the steps in the setup program to provide information about your business, upload your advertisement, make your billing decisions and review your campaign. The advertisement should have strong, action-oriented words that encourage potential customers to react. Carefully choose keywords to match what customers might type in when searching for your product or service.

Google does not charge a set price for advertising space in Adwords. Instead, the advertiser bids on the highest price he is willing to pay for each time a consumer clicks on the ad or allows Google to manage clicks automatically for maximum visibility. Advertisement placement in the Google search engine depends on the price per ad an advertiser has bid and the quality of the advertisement and website. Every time an ad is active for a search, it goes through a search auction based on its placement. The ad continues to function until it comes to the end of its budget.

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