How Do You Buy Goldman Sachs Stocks?


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To buy Goldman Sacks stocks, you need to use a stockbroker, or buy an individual share from a website such as GiveaShare.com, according to Investopedia and About.com. Most investors use stockbrokers except in special circumstances. Stockbrokers range from discount online brokers to full-service brick-and-mortar brokers.

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To trade Goldman Sacks stock with a stockbroker, you need to open brokerage account, states About.com. Online stockbrokers, such as Fidelity Investments, offer online sign-up pages. To open an account online, you need to provide identifying information, such as name and Social Security number; contact information, such as mailing address and phone number; and employment information. To fund an account, add your bank account number and routing number.

To buy stocks without a stockbroker, use stock certificate websites, such as GiveaShare.com, explains About.com. These certificates come with a significant markup and are generally meant to be framed and hung on a wall. While some companies offer dividend reinvestment plans to individuals owning stock without a stockbroker, Goldman Sacks does not, according to the company's official website.

Online stockbrokers generally charge low fees on a per-trade or per-share basis, explains Investopedia. Full-service stockbrokers typically charge much higher fees, but they also offer financial advice. Stockbrokers with physical locations often meet with customers in person to discuss potential investments, taking into account marital status, lifestyle and personality when making investment choices.

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