How Do You Buy Geese?


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Farms, hatcheries and breeders offer geese for purchase. StrombergsChickens.com, MetzerFarms.com and EFowl.com are some popular dealers of goslings and geese. These sites feature geese for pets or as a food source.

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StrombergsChickens.com offers African Brown, Toulouse, Roman Tufted, White Chinese and White Embden geese. American Buff, Gray Saddleback and Pomeranian varieties of geese are also available. Geese are only available for purchase in-season.

On top of the same breeds of geese offered at StrombergsChickens.com, MetzerFarms.com offers Sebastopol, Pilgrim, Brown Chinese and Large Dewlap Toulouse varieties.

EFowl.com offers birds for sale as well as the equipment needed to support the birds, including feed, feeders, nesting boxes and waterers.

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