How Do You Buy Farms in NJ?


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There are multiple approaches to purchasing farmland or active farm properties in New Jersey with one approach being to purchase a farm via public auctions that are put on by the New Jersey State Agriculture Development Committee. The Committee preserves farmland within the state by purchasing farms from private sellers and selling to private buyers, typically with a deed that has agricultural restrictions requiring the property to be used as a farm, notes the State of New Jersey. The federal government, under the auspices of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), also offers programs to help U.S. citizens buy farmland in the country, including in New Jersey.

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The USDA's Farm Service Agency offers loans for new farmers, particularly those of low-income status who may have difficulty obtaining a loan from other financiers, as reported by the Center for Rural Affairs. In addition to qualifying for the loan from an income perspective, participants in this program must also have experience working on a farm. The FSA also sells inventory farmland throughout the U.S., including in New Jersey.

Prospective farmers who are looking for land can also look for land in New Jersey without government assistance. This involves looking through rural property real estate listings. These properties may be listed online, but it also makes sense to work with a local Realtor who operates in a specific part of rural New Jersey or specializes in farm properties.

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