How Do You Buy a Cemetery Plot?


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Buy a cemetery plot by determining if you are interested in a crypt in a mausoleum or a plot, notes EverPlans. You are purchasing the rights to be buried in that location, known as interment rights, but you are not actually purchasing the land. Along with the interment rights, you may be purchasing other services as well, including the cost of opening and closing of the grave, installation of headstone, and yearly maintenance fees.

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There are a few different options when it comes to purchasing a cemetery plot, as noted by EverPlans. The most common type of cemetery plot is a single plot, which allows for one casket. A companion plot are two plots sold together for a couple. These plots can be two side-by-side plots, or double depth, meaning the caskets are buried on top of each other. A double-depth plot is generally more affordable because only one large burial container is required.

A family plot is available in some cemeteries, where a family can purchase a small portion of the cemetery for the family. With a family plot, there's generally a large headstone that's engraved with the family name, and each family member buried in the plot. Some families may purchase a row of single plots reserved for the family, explains EverPlans.

For those wishing to bury cremated remains, they can be buried in a cemetery plot next to buried caskets, and because they take up less space, some cemeteries allow a number of cremated remains buried in one plot, states EverPlans.

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