Why Do Businesses Use Access Control in Their Offices?


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Businesses use access control to restrict unauthorized access, secure individual workspaces, create an audit trail and provide keyless entry solutions. Access control systems use both visible and hidden tools to protect businesses from the threat posed by unauthorized persons.

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Why Do Businesses Use Access Control in Their Offices?
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Businesses can use access control systems to control the amount of foot traffic in and out of the business premises. The systems grant and deny users access to particular zones of the business premises at given times. The access control system uses fingerprints, proximity tokens, coded keypads and magnetic key cards for signing in and out of the premises.

Businesses can secure individual employee workstations using video monitoring and restricted entry access. Strategically placed CCTV cameras can monitor employee behavior in the workplace at all times.

An access control system allows a business to record everything happening in the workplace, reports Ackerman Security. The system records every opening and closing of doors in the business premises, helping resolve issues relating to clocking in and out by employees.

Access control systems eliminate problems that can arise from keyed entry systems. Businesses do not have to worry about tracking the person or people who handle the keys, which can get lost at times.

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