What Businesses Offer Car Dent Repairs at Home?

What Businesses Offer Car Dent Repairs at Home?

Dent Wizard and Dents No More are auto repair companies that provide at-home car dent repairs. At-home repairs are offered by businesses that advertise mobile paintless dent removal services.

Often abbreviated as PDR, paintless dent removal is the fastest and most inexpensive technique for removing small or medium-sized dents in vehicle bodies and bumpers while preserving factory paint jobs. The paintless process makes PDR suitable for mobile applications.

Dent Wizard offers on-site mobile dent repair for vehicle hail damage. To inquire, call 800-969-HAIL, as of January 2016. Dents No More provides mobile repairs at customer's homes or places of business in the Santa Ana, California, area. Advantage Paintless Dent Repair of Chandler, Arizona, advertises dent removal services as well as on-site bumper repair and refinishing.

Elimadent is a family-owned auto repair business located in Austin, Texas. Elimadent specializes in mobile paintless dent removal and hail damage repair. The company partners with other mobile automobile technicians, allowing customers to complete multiple auto body repairs simultaneously.

The Same Day auto repair company offers mobile paintless dent removal in cities throughout Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Additional services offered by Same Day include bumper repair, paint refinishing, alloy wheel repair and repair for leather, plastic and vinyl.