Why Do Businesses Fail?


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Five primary reasons many businesses fail are issues connecting with customers on levels deeper than the superficial, issues communicating how their products or services stand out, dysfunctional leadership, weak or poorly thought out business models and unclear communication to the market, according to Forbes. These problems may express themselves in a variety of ways, but can often be traced as the root causes of collapse.

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Self-doubting or inexperienced leadership can doom a business easily. If a leader is dysfunctional, then their employees will reflect that dysfunction or suffer under its poor direction. Leaders who react poorly to crises or give themselves too much or too little power in their organizations' structures are deadly to the health of their businesses.

Companies that fail to communicate with their audiences and markets cannot stand out from the market at large. Unclear campaigns, contradictory promotional materials and other mistakes in the communication process can lead to the public having a confused image about a company or a product or service provided by a company.

Unproven business models can, theoretically, work, but more often they are disastrous. Companies that fail to adhere to a consistent and proven business model are at enormous risk for losing their solvency and failing quickly.

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