What Are Some Businesses You Could Start From Home?

Businesses you could start from home include tax preparation, blogging, daycare, pet sitting and website design, among many others based on your skills and interests. Choose activities you enjoy, so you won't mind spending the time and possible expense that are required to get started.

Tax preparation requires training and licensing, but major tax preparation franchises offer courses for individuals willing to work for them. Once you've acquired some experience, you can begin working from home. Although it's a largely seasonal business, you can make lots of money with few expenses.

Blogging requires a computer and some degree of writing skill. Think of a subject you're interested in, create a dedicated website and begin writing content. Website hosting should cost less than $15 per month, as of 2015. You can monetize your site with affiliate programs and use social media to generate traffic.

Daycare can be a good business if you love children. Many busy parents prefer having their kids cared for in a home environment, rather than in an institutional setting. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but high demand makes it possible to get started right away.

Pet sitting is a good potential business for animal lovers. Start-up costs are low, although experience in a professional setting would help. Liability insurance covers you if a pet dies in your care and the owner tries to sue you. Bonding assures your clients that you run an honest business and can be trusted with their pets.

Since most businesses have websites of their own, website design is always in demand. Many small businesses with limited budgets require only basic sites to establish their Web presence. Begin by advertising your services to your local community, offering to create and maintain their sites for a small fee. As you gain experience, you can learn to create more sophisticated websites.