What Is Business Transparency?

According to BusinessDictionary.com, business transparency can be defined as a lack of hidden agendas or conditions combined with readily presented information in order for collaboration when it comes to decision making about business matters. While business transparency appears to be able to be defined as just simple honesty, many business professionals feel that is more than that.

In order to entirely understand what business transparency really is, it is first important to realize that it shows up in many aspects of business, not just in presenting details. Business transparency can also be discussed in terms of time. For example, if a business were to make a mistake or take a step that negatively affected its employees or clients but did not share what that mistake was until much after the time that it occurred, the business would not be meeting the standards set by the definition of business transparency. Of course, most employees and business owners can relate to business transparency on a very personal level. It is a well-known fact that in business, those running the show are often representing not only the business but themselves. For this reason, business transparency can often be a very positive trait for the images of those involved with a business.