What are free business report format templates?


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A business report format template provides a structure in which an individual can create a report that presents information for a business audience. The purposes of such reports vary according to their audiences, but the template typically has sections for a title, introduction, main body, conclusion, recommendation and references.

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The report format may differ depending on audience and purpose, but generally speaking, the business report discusses and explains important information for a business audience and provides examples and references that support the document.

Business reports are often written to argue for or against a particular business decision or idea. These reports are usually aimed at a management, co-worker or client audience and should be written in a way that addresses the readers who are likely to use the report. Research such as surveys or interviews is often used in support of key points mentioned in a business report.

A business report should include recommendations and a conclusion that are supported by the information provided in the report. The document should include a short summary that explains the purpose of the report in a few sentences. Finally, including a plan explaining how to implement the recommendations supported by the report allows the reader to understand how the report should be used and understood.

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