How Do You Know If a Business Offers a Senior Discount?

Find businesses that offer senior discounts by asking for them. Many businesses offering the discounts do not advertise them, but businesses from restaurants to the cable company may offer discounts to seniors that ask for them. While businesses sometimes post their discounts online, seniors may have to do some searching to find them on the website. Some businesses offer senior discounts to customers as young as 50.

Insurance companies, cell phone providers and garbage services may all offer a senior discount without making an announcement in the monthly bill. Ask any company that sends a regular bill to the home if it offers a discount. Even the annual property taxes for a home a senior owns and occupies may qualify for a discount.

Some senior discounts provide a percentage off the customer's bill while others provide a special service or product at a reduced price. Restaurants may offer a special senior menu that serves smaller portions.

While airlines once offered significant savings to seniors, most have eliminated the discounts. However, traveling seniors still find discounts on travel by train and when renting vehicles. They also often qualify for savings on lodging. Some of these discounts are available with proof of age while others require membership in senior organizations.