How Is a Business Meeting Invitation Worded?


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According to PsPrint, the wording of business invitations varies with every even. Crucial points should be kept in mind when writing business invitations, such as keeping the invitation simple and always placing the title at the top of the invitation. Centering the text is acceptable and even preferable at times. Standard business invitations typically have no more than 14 lines.

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According to Blair English, some of the best examples of business invitation wordings include the time-honored phrases "the honor of your presence is requested" or "ABC Company requests the pleasure of your company." No matter what verbiage is used, business invitations should always be simple and short while still communicating the nature of the event, the purpose of the event, the date and time and the location of the event. In addition, invitations should ask for a confirmation of attendance.

The Houston Chronicle recommends using different wordings for different corporate events, with invitations expressed differently for events designed to show appreciation to employees, to introduce the company to consumers, or to entertain clients and suppliers. An invitation to an employee barbecue might be worded as follows "ABC Company requests the presence of you and a guest at a picnic honoring the company's best..." The date, time, location and a request for a response should be added. Fundraisers, product launches and casino nights are specific events which might also different and appropriate wordings in their invitations.

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