What Are Free Business Letter Templates?


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Free business letter templates are documents designed to convey a message for a professional purpose. These types of templates contain a variety of required components and generally follow a standard format.

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While free business letter templates may come in various fonts, colors and orientations, they generally all serve the same purpose. Business letter templates contain a header, body and footer. The header contains the information, including name, address, phone number, date and subject related to the person drafting the document. This information can relate to an individual person or a company as a whole. The body contains the specific message the sender wants to convey, along with the recipient contact information. The footer contains any closing remarks and a signature.

Free business letter templates can relate to various types of work. For instance, a sales letter discusses the value of the item or service to purchase and instructions on how it can be purchased. Complaint letters emphasize a particular issue and are generally tactful. Cover letters include personal credentials for a person looking to seek employment. A letter of resignation notifies an employer of a termination date. All types of business letters can be sent through regular postage or email.

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