Why Is Business Etiquette Important?


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Demonstrating proper business etiquette allows a worker to maintain positive working relationships with colleagues and to build rapport with clients. It may also affect employment and promotion opportunities. Business etiquette is a set of manners and behaviors viewed as acceptable to people in a particular culture.

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When a worker implements proper business etiquette, he fits in with a particular work group or client group. Poor etiquette attracts negative attention and can harm working relationships. When colleagues find a person's etiquette unpleasing, they are more likely to ignore him, talk behind his back and avoid unnecessary interactions beyond conventional task requirements. Offensive etiquette with prospects or clients may lead to lost business. In contrast, proper business etiquette shows respect to customers and impacts the ability of a worker to build trust. Clients often perceive good etiquette as a sign of effort on the part of a company representative to establish good will.

Talented workers who display good business etiquette often find greater sales opportunities or internal promotions. Business etiquette varies around the world, so someone who is familiar with standards in foreign countries may benefit from expanded sales territories. Managers also assess business etiquette when determining whether a person is a good candidate for a promotion. Managers want the best representatives for the business in leadership roles.

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