What Is Business Communication?

Business communication refers to how information is shared between employees at a company for the commercial benefit of that organization. It can also refer to the way a business communicates with its consumers by advertising and sharing information about its services or products.

Business communication is referred to as being goal-oriented. Companies use business communication to tell people, both inside and outside the company, about their policies and regulations. For company rules to be followed, businesses have to effectively and efficiently communicate them with their employees.

The basic function of management cannot be performed without business communication. Business communication allows managers to direct, control, plan and organize their employees for the good of the company. The greater the number of employees a company has, the harder it becomes to effectively communicate to all of them. It opens the door for misunderstandings and the inability to get immediate feedback.

There are two main types of business communication. The first kind is oral communication, in which information is exchanged verbally. Companies used to handle oral communication through face-to-face interaction and telephone. With modern technology, computers make it possible for employees to orally share information on computers via webcam. The second form is known as written communication, which used to be limited to paper communication. Technology has changed written communication to include text messages and emails.