How Are Business Cards Made?

business-cards-made Credit: Kim Bentley/CC-BY-2.0

While there are plenty of online services that make business cards, it's also very simple to make your own at home. Print them on a heavy-duty card stock to create a polished product; office supply stores often sell stock specifically designed for business cards.

  1. Choose a template

    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and other desktop publishing programs typically provide templates for business cards, often designed to print ten on a single page. Choose the template that best expresses your business. Look for eye-catching design elements that make your card stand out.

  2. Customize your business card

    Include your business name, your name, job title and basic contact information. Contact information should include phone and email; add a mailing address or website if desired. Use the options available in your desktop publishing program to choose fonts and font sizes. Replace any placeholder logo with your own. Decide whether you want to create a two-sided business card. The back of the card is useful for maps, product lists, discount coupons or translations into another language. Add artwork if desired.

  3. Print your business card

    Set up your template to print your business cards. Test your copy on plain paper before printing on card stock. Print your business cards.