What Business Banking Services Does Lloyds Bank Offer?


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Lloyds Bank offers a variety of banking services, including personal checking accounts, personal savings accounts, credit cards, variable term savings bonds and investment aid, as of 2015. The bank also offers numerous lending services, such as home loans, auto loans and educational loans, in addition to its business and international banking options.

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Lloyds Bank categorizes its services according to the needs of its customers, such as local individuals, businesses, private individuals and customers who deal with international purchases. Each category on LloydsBank.com contains a list of available services for each type of customer. For example, the Personal section includes links to all of its checking and savings accounts for individuals and couples, including details about minimum monthly balances, the potential to earn interest on deposits and a schedule for fees. Its other links explain the requirements and benefits of other accounts, such as interest rates on saving bonds or fees on opening credit accounts.

The bank offers a similar set of services to business, including special business credit cards that offer rewards on purchases and checking accounts that contain higher deposit and withdrawal thresholds. The business section also explains available loan options, which carry different requirements and repayment schedules than personal loans. It also offers loans for purchasing or leasing business properties.

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