How Does a Business Apply for an 844 Toll-Free Phone Number?


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A business can apply for an 844 toll-free number by requesting one from a toll-free service provider or from an organization that the FCC and the SMS/800 Database recognize as a Responsible Organization. The number must be currently available, and the business must be capable of paying the usage fees for the service.

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To find out whether an 844 toll-free number is available, a business owner may visit SMS800.com and use the number search tool to check availability in real time. The tool allows the user to search for numbers within each of the toll-free codes. After identifying a number, she may use the Responsible Organization and Toll-Free Service Provider search tool to find an organization that can assign her the number.

A toll-free number is free for anyone to call. The most common uses of these numbers are for customer support and telemarketing, as the cost of connecting the call falls onto the number's owner. As of 2015, there are six toll-free codes in active use within the United States: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844. In order to manage and regulate the numbers associated with these codes, the FCC created the SMS/800 Database, which logs and tracks the use of all toll-free phone numbers and automated text messaging numbers.

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