What Is Bureaucratic Leadership?


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Bureaucratic leadership is a form of leadership built on a hierarchy of authority. It outlines official duties and applies a system of rules for decision making and management.

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Official duties break down management and administrative tasks into offices that represent authority, accountability and responsibility. The hierarchy of authority used in bureaucratic leadership is arranged so that positions of a lower level are under the supervision of those above them. Lower positions must also answer to those of a higher level. Lower-level workers can receive promotions based upon their ability to conform to and excel within the organization's rules, and it is the responsibility of higher-level workers to reprimand workers of a lower level if need be. Bureaucratic leaders must obey both technical and behavioral rules.

Behavioral rules define how a manager is to conduct himself while on the job, and technical rules act as parameters for how the work is to be completed. A bureaucratic organization keep written records of all rules, administrative actions and decisions, and these records are used as a learning tool for leaders to reference when making decisions and allow for proper reflection when moving forward. They also keep administrators accountable for decisions that they made.

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