What Does a Building Survey Entail?


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A building survey consists of an independent agent known as a Chartered Surveyor inspecting a property to ascertain its full condition and the state of its structural integrity. The surveyor looks at the original construction of the home along with all additions and checks for wood rot, mold, infestations or any other issues that may compromise the property.

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Building surveys typically occur when a home owner intends to perform construction on the home or purchase a new property. The Chartered Surveyor evaluates the full condition of the home to make sure it meets current safety policies and is under legal obligation to inform the owner of any and all issues with the property. It typically begins with a cursory inspection of the exterior of the property to identify any obvious signs of decay, such as a crumbling foundation or breaches in walls that may indicate deeper issues.

The surveyor then proceeds inside the property to continue the inspection, checking all load bearing structures to understand the integrity of the building. Many surveyors also look in attics and basements, as these areas experience less activity than the rest of the home and are more prone to issues. The surveyor often looks for mold, signs or rotten or deteriorating wood and any infestations that may present a risk to the home. The inspection concludes with the surveyor making a recommendation on any further inspections deemed necessary.

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