How Do You Build a Shipping Crate?

How Do You Build a Shipping Crate?

To build a shipping crate, first take measurements of the item being shipped, cut pieces of plywood to match the dimensions and secure the pieces with wood screws. If the item is fragile, be sure to make accommodations with the measurements for the padding that will be used.

A shipping crate is a good option for oversized or bulky items. Rather than purchasing one that is ready-made, it can be more cost-effective to build one from scratch.

  1. Calculate the dimensions of the crate
  2. Measure the item to be shipped and calculate the crate's dimensions using those numbers. The crate should be compact enough to keep the item secure, yet not so tight as to cause damage.

  3. Gather the supplies
  4. An electric screwdriver, a saw and wood screws are needed to make the crate. Sheets of plywood and 2x4s or 1x4s should be cut to match the dimensions from step one.

  5. Make the crate
  6. Use the 2x4s to make the frame of the box. Make six frames, one for each side and two for the top and bottom. Screw a piece of plywood onto each frame, then use screws to connect the four sides and the bottom. Place the object to be shipped in the open crate, surrounding it with packing material if necessary. Place the top onto the crate and screw into place.