How Do You Build a Nonprofit Board of Directors?


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To build a nonprofit board of directors, first assess the needs and tasks of the board in order to ascertain what kind of skills board members will need and select an easily manageable number of people with those skills who will actively engage in the responsibilities of the board. Choose a selection of people from mixed background, such as individuals with financial acumen, those with previous experience taking on a board role and those who are completely new to holding positions on the board. This is a way to join enthusiasm and experience in a way that provide great contribution to the board, reports Forbes.

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When building a nonprofit board of directors, a CEO should always select individuals that can bring value to not only the organization, but to the staff as well, notes Forbes magazine. The right people for board positions understand the mission of the organization and how to positively influence that organization through more than just the use of money.

When the needs of the organization and these qualities of potential board members have been assessed, officially select members and have a meeting to outline responsibilities and specific expectations up front. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and that each individual member of the board exhibits full commitment to their new position as board member.

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