How Do You Build Your Credit With a Credit One Bank Credit Card?


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Credit One Bank offers unsecured credit cards to consumers with less than perfect credit, who often are unable to obtain credit cards from other banks, explains Credit One. Consumers establish or rebuild their credit by using the card prudently and making regular, on-time payments.

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A credit score reflects a person's pattern of payments over time, according to Experian. Since the credit score puts more emphasis on recent activity, it is possible to rebuild credit by establishing responsible credit habits. One important step the consumer can take towards this goal is to pay bills on time, since delinquencies and collections significantly lower a person's credit rating. Keeping credit card balances low and refraining from applying for new lines of credit also help to improve a person's credit score, as does paying off outstanding debt.

When there is negative information on a person's credit report, it takes a while to demonstrate an improved ability to manage finances responsibly and establish a better credit history, says Experian. As of 2015, derogatory information such as late payments and delinquencies typically remain on a person's credit report for seven years, while tax liens remain for 10 years. Credit inquiries, which also impact one's credit score, usually stay on the report for two years before they are removed.

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