How Do You Browse House Listings Through MLS in Calgary?

How Do You Browse House Listings Through MLS in Calgary?

One way of browsing house listings on the Canadian multiple listing service (MLS) in Calgary is to access the listing by using the search tool on the MLS website, notes The Canadian Real Estate Association. The search tool on the website has additional tools that can help narrow the search down to a certain price range, date of listing and house features such as the number of bedrooms and toilet and bath.

MLS is a service run by realtors where they participate in sharing information about listed properties and help each other out in selling the properties. In Canada, the MLS database is publicly accessible to anyone via the Canadian MLS website. The following shows how to access the MLS database to browse house listings in Calgary, as noted by The Canadian Real Estate Association.

  1. Go to the Canadian MLS website
  2. Go to the website by typing in the browser and pressing Enter.

  3. Use the search tool
  4. The MLS website has the search tool displayed on its home page. Type Calgary, Alberta in the search field and make any preferred adjustments using the options below the search field to narrow down the search. Click on the "Go" button.

  5. Browse through the listings
  6. The next page will show an interactive map of Calgary marked with listed properties in different areas of the city. On the left hand panel are the listed properties and houses that are arranged according price from low to high by default.