What Is a Brochure Used For?

A brochure is used to follow up after meeting a new sales contact, to expand in greater detail on an issue already discussed and to send out after gaining initial interest from a postcard. Also known as pamphlets, brochures are typically not distributed on a mass scale. The reason is that they are expensive to produce and more complicated to print than fliers or leaflets.

Brochures are kept for future reference rather than disposed of after one read-through. Brochures contain vital information that is important for an ongoing sales relationship or business partnership. Fliers or postcards are usually distributed to garner interest, and then a brochure seals the deal by providing more facts and greater information about a product or business proposal.

The brochure business is extremely profitable, as millions are produced each year. Brochure writers are in high demand because of the opportunity to convince someone to purchase a product or enter into a business relationship. Brochures are typically made from a standard-size piece of paper and folded twice to create four panels, resulting in a bi-fold brochure. A brochure folded three times to create six panels is called a tri-fold brochure. Each panel is designed for a purpose, with headlines and photos dividing the information up into small, manageable chunks.