What Are Brilliant Names for Cake Shops?

Every business needs a catchy name that people remember, and a cake shop needs one that sounds sweet in more ways than one. Some memorable cake shop names include For Goodness Cakes, Cake My Day, Cake Superior, Confection Connection, and Stop and Smell the Flours.

Cake shops bear names that are lip-smacking (Luscious Layers Bakery, Ambrosia Bakery, Buttercup Cake Shop), dreamy (Dream Day Cakes) and even angelic (A Taste of Heaven, Angel Food Cakes). Confetti Cakes, Tiers of Joy and Tipsy Cakes bring celebrations to mind, while Mr. Cake, The Cake Whisperer and The Twisted Baker might make a buyer curious about the owners.

Some cake shop names are sentimental, such as Babycakes, Sugar Momma and Sugar Daddy. Some beckon those on special diets, such as Gluten-free Gluttony or Gluteus Minimus. Others are more straightforward, such as Take the Cake or I Dream of Cake. A lawyer might enjoy buying a confection from Torte Reform, while a morning person might enjoy stopping in at Wake and Bake.

Some of the cleverest cake shop names stem from plays on words, such as Cake a Diem, You Knead this Cake, The Great Escake and the United Cakes of America. Havens called such things as Sweet Sensations make good on another cake shop's promise: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!