What Are Brigitte Gabriel's Career Achievements?


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In her career, journalist Brigitte Gabriel has authored two best-selling books and was the news anchor for World News, a nightly Arabic news program. She has also given speeches to the FBI, the UK Parliament and other organizations.

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Gabriel is also the founder of the nonprofit organizations The American Congress for Truth and Act for America. She is also on the board of the Intelligence Summit and a former contributing editor for "Family Security Matters." Gabriel is mostly known as an activist, and is famous for her harsh anti-Islamic views and promoting the supposed clash of civilizations between Islam and the western world. The two books written by Gabriel are both about these ideas. Her first book, "Because They Hate," was published in 2006, and was followed up two years later by "They Must Be Stopped," published in 2008.

Although she has spent most of her career based in the United States, Brigitte Gabriel was born in Lebanon to a Maronite Christian family. Her views on Islam stem from her experiences growing up during a 15-year civil war in Lebanon, when she says that Muslim militants from across the Middle East waged war on all Lebanese Christians. However, her side of these events has been disputed by many reputable sources, including the New York Times.

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