What Is a Bricklaying Contractor?


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A bricklaying contractor specializes in the construction of brick walls, buildings, patios and other construction. Many bricklayers also do other masonry work, such as stone and concrete block work.

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What Is a Bricklaying Contractor?
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A reputable bricklaying contractor can be found by looking at local business listings. Bricklayers are often called for landscaping needs, such as pathways and retaining walls. Homes made from brick are very durable, but this is usually a small part of a modern bricklayers job due to the lower cost of other materials.

Bricklayers must lift a lot of weight repetitively to build structures.

Modern construction methods mean bricklayers are often called to build the foundations of buildings. Foundations are often built using concrete block that is held together by a framework of rebar metal and mortar. It is important that the block is placed correctly for strength. A properly trained bricklayer can do this so that the wall is as strong as possible.

Decorative stonework and retaining walls in elaborate patterns are possible because of bricklayers that have worked hard to hone their skills. Bricklayers are sometimes called in to restore older brick and stonework. The most skilled contractors can restore stones and bricks so that they are historically accurate. Bricklayers also use stucco and other methods to cover walls.

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