What Are Brick Mailbox Designs?


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Brick mailbox designs are standard metal postal mailboxes enclosed inside stylized brick masonry structures, which are a stylish alternative to traditional wooden or metal posts. These mailboxes commonly appear as straight, square structures of a certain height that resemble a small chimney. The top may be flat or have a rounded or arched steeple. The brickwork is uniform in color, with either red or an earthy beige color predominating.

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Most brick mailboxes include a black or white metal mailbox that sits at the very top of the structure. Some designs include a mailbox liner, which allows property owners to replace the box, if needed. Some brick mailboxes have attached brick planters that hold grass, flowers or plants.

To create an attractive mailbox, homeowners should enlist professional masonry services to assist in the design and building. Customized designs commonly include adding an address number plate in front made from brass, stone or vinyl material. Top quality mailboxes made of brick are usually symmetrical, with bricks lining up in neat rows. An alternative to symmetrical bricks are uneven bricks. These bricks are cut in uneven blocks, giving the mailbox a charmingly natural appearance.

When planning a brick mailbox design, it is important to adhere to all city, county and federal regulations regarding curbside mailboxes.

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