What Brands of Paint Does Ace Sell?


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Ace Hardware sells interior and exterior paints from brands such as Clark and Kensington, Essence, Royal, Rust-Oleum and Valspar as of 2015. The company sells specialty paints from makers such as Cabot, Krylon, INSL-X, Encore and Performix, and it carries its own brand of paint for various applications.

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Ace Hardware sells Clark and Kensington, Essense, Royal and Valspar brands for painting interior walls and ceilings, and Rust-Oleum paints for interior and exterior applications to metals that rust. Exterior paints from Clark and Kensington and Valspar are sold as paints only or as all-in-one paints and primers. Ace Hardware also carries its own brand of paint made specifically for contractors, and spray paint from its own brand as well as Minwax, Krylon and Hammerite. The company carries waterproof masonry paints from Drylock, Hot Trax, INSL-X and Rust-Oleum that are designed for applications such as garage floors.

Ace Hardware offers brands of paint sold for specific uses, such as Encore paint for countertop refinishing, Cabot deck corrector paint and INSL-X paint for swimming pools. Ace Hardware-brand specialty paint is designed for outdoor rust applications, ranch and fence painting and glazing, and Ames paint is designed to make outdoor decks skid-resistant. Permormix drip paint hardens to form a protective shell around objects such as tools and children's play equipment.

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