What Brands Make a Good and Reliable Time Clock?

Some good, reliable time clock brands include Amano and Acroprint, which are first-rate proprietary time system names in the industry, notes TimeClocksandMore.com. EmployeeTimeClocks.com and TimeClocksandMore.com are two online stores that carry these particular brands.

Time clocks are devices that monitor and record the arrival and departure times of employees. These timekeeping tools are available in various types, including mechanical, calculating and electronic time clocks. Amano time clocks, which are marketed in several forms, are known for their durability, notes EmployeeTimeClocks.com. Some models from this brand include the MJR7000 time clock, PIX 55, PR600 watchman clock and auto-aligning CP 3000 time clock.

Acroprint offers consumers a broad selection of time clock units. Aside from creating conventional time clocks, the company also makes time and attendance products that utilize software and biometric verification. Some Acroprint time clocks that are available on the market include the traditional BP125 employee time clock and heavy-duty AP 125 model. Acroprint's Time Q Plus is software-based and designed to interface with a computer, while the ATRx Secure PunchIn uses biometric technology.

Other manufacturers of quality time clocks include Detex, Lathem, Isgus, Icon and Pyramid Technologies. Lathem offers self-totaling and biometric time clocks, while Pyramid Technologies designs badge swipe systems, PIN-entry time clocks, master clock models and time stamp clocks.