What Does a Brand Manager Do?


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Brand managers develop marketing strategies, concepts and goals for one or more business brands. A brand manager is given the autonomy within an organization to steer a brand image in a particular direction. It is the brand manager's job to develop standards and guidelines for brand marketing teams.

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Brand managers usually have a broad range of job duties, which largely depend on the size and structure of the organization. At any given time, a brand manager may be supervising an in-house marketing team, assisting with content for a branded advertising campaign or analyzing consumer behavior patterns as it relates to a particular brand. Managing a brand requires an individual to have insight into current marketplace trends that can affect the success of products. It is the brand manager's responsibility to find ways to reach out to a brand's consumer target market and help to increase brand popularity.

Brand managers sometimes act as consultants to colleagues in other departments, such as research and development and manufacturing. Writing progress reports and briefs is another aspect of the job. Some brand management positions require a bachelor's degree with a concentration in marketing. However, many companies prefer hiring individuals who have earned a master's degree. Top candidates for brand management positions often have a Master of Business Administration degree.

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