How Do You Brainstorm New Company Name Ideas?

How Do You Brainstorm New Company Name Ideas?

To brainstorm ideas for a company name, gather the right team, ask the team to generate names, and share and build on the names. An ideal business name differentiates the business from its competitors and is memorable.

Gather a group of about eight people to create a diverse team for brainstorming. Provide each team member with a blank piece of paper and a pen and install a whiteboard or other way to display information in real time.

Give each team member 10 minutes to write down 10 possible names for the business. Ask the members to pass their sheet of paper to person on the left and provide them with seven minutes to add five more names to the list. The short amount of time to come up with possible names helps to keep team members from overthinking or becoming self-conscious about their ideas.

Ask the team members to pass the sheets of paper to the left one more time and to circle their five favorite names. Team members then share their names with the group; write the names on the whiteboard. The team members vote on their three favorite names at the end of the meeting.

Lastly, review shortlisted names over the next few weeks checking whether URLs are available for them. This process should end in a memorable company name that is easy to spell and pronounce.