How Do You Brainstorm a List of Goals for Work?

Brainstorm a list of goals for work by writing down any ways you believe you can improve or advance at work and how to do it. Set an alarm or timer for a significant amount of time and let the ideas flow out without editing them.

Once you have a list of goals, set a timeline to accomplish each one. Some goals are achievable in a shorter time period, while others require months or years to complete. Doing this helps prioritize which goals suit any given target for an evaluation period or requirement.

Make the goals realistic and achievable in an appropriate amount of time. If you set a hard goal with a limited time table, you become frustrated and add unnecessary stress to your work life. If a goal is particularly big, break it down into smaller goals or steps.

Give yourself a "why" for achieving these goals. The "why" includes ways the goal or goals help your career or your life. This step highlights which goals are more important to you and gives you motivation to achieve them. Keep the list for future reference. Make a plan for achieving the goals and cross off each step as you achieve it.