What Does the Bradford Exchange Canada Sell?


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The Bradford Exchange Canada sells an extensive collection of collectible items, home decor and gifts, ranging from toy trains and figurines to throw pillows and jewelry. The store also carries an exclusive collection of items themed around Canada and Canadian pasttimes.

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Many of the items available on BedfordExchange.ca are for decorative use, including various types of sculptures, toy villages and music boxes. One of the main differences between the Canadian version of the site and the versions available in other countries is that BedfordExchange.ca offers variations of these items that feature iconic Canadian symbols, such as the maple leaf. Much of the jewelry on the site includes these symbols, the popular phrase "O Canada" or patriotic Canadian colors.

Another large Canadian element of the site is its collection of hockey items. The site offers a special section dedicated to the sport, with subcategories for different Canadian NHL teams such as the Vancouver Canucks, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames, the Toronto Maple Leaves and the Ottawa Senators, with custom items available that feature the logos of each team. Many of the other sections on the site also include a hockey theme, such as collectible figurines of famous hockey players. The site also features jewelry associated with each team.

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