What Is a Booster Club?


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A booster club supports a particular program, club or organization primarily by raising funds to pay for expenses associated with the activity. The booster club might also coordinate events and provide support during activities associated with the program or club.

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A common type of booster club is one to support the athletic programs at a high school. The money raised by the booster club pays for uniforms, fees, travel expenses, equipment and other expenses for the sporting teams.

Booster clubs are often run by parents rather than by the school or organization itself. The parents serve as the leadership team to organize fundraisers and decide how to disperse the money raised. Student members of the teams aren't usually involved in the actual operation of the booster club.

A booster club for the school's athletic program often use the games and matches as a way to raise money. The booster club might run concession stands at the events. They might sell T-shirts or other gear with the team's logo on it. Raffles during halftime of sporting events are also popular for booster clubs. The club might also take on a larger fundraiser, such as a community meal or a variety show with either an entry fee or a donation jar.

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