What Are Some Bookkeeping Duties?

What Are Some Bookkeeping Duties?

Duties of a bookkeeper include performing general accounting tasks, such as maintaining financial records, entering daily, weekly and monthly financial transactions, and verifying the accuracy of bookkeeping software. Bookkeepers also perform checks and balances and audits, according to Durham Tech.

Bookkeepers must enjoy working with numbers and be well organized and honest because they often deal with cash. Bookkeepers are often in charge of things such as bill payment, general ledger upkeep, payroll, bank reconciliation, tax services and workers' compensation insurance.

Although many businesses have specific educational requirements for their bookkeepers, a bookkeeper usually has to have a high school diploma or GED, complete at least 2 years of college and have previous clerical experience. Most businesses do not require any kind of license or certificate for their bookkeepers.

As of 2015, the average salary for a bookkeeper in the United States was around $15 per hour, according to PayScale. Salaries for bookkeepers generally range from around $11 per hour to more than $24 per hour, depending on experience.

After gaining experience as a bookkeeper, some people decide to go on to pursue other career goals. Becoming a bookkeeper opens the doors to becoming an office manager, accountant or office administrator.