How Do You Find a Bond CUSIP?


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You can find a bond CUSIP through a service that accesses the CUSIP database. Some examples of companies providing these services online are Fidelity Investments, Standard and Poor’s and Sallie Mae, notes About.com.

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A CUSIP number uniquely identifies U.S. and Canadian stocks and U.S. government and municipal bonds; it identifies both the security and its issuer, the Securities and Exchange Commission explains. The American Bankers Association owns the system, while Standard & Poor’s is responsible for its operation. CUSIP is short for uniform securities identification procedures, and it uses a combination of nine characters.

Standard & Poor’s is best known to investors for its indices and credit ratings, Investopedia states. One of the most closely followed stock indices worldwide, the S&P 500 indexes approximately $5 trillion as of 2012; other Standard & Poor’s indices index a further $1.25 trillion.

The ABA is the largest U.S. banking trade association, notes Investopedia. It represents a wide cross-section of the U.S. banking sector, offers a wide variety of services, and lobbies on its behalf. Among the services available to ABA members are consulting, staff training, capital management and insurance. Credit unions are a particular focus of ABA lobbying efforts. The ABA claims that credit unions have grown significantly past the role they were designed for, while legislation has failed to keep up. As a result, ABA advocates the removal of tax-exempt status from credit unions.

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