How Do You Find the Board of Directors of a Company?


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Find the board of directors of a company by checking the press information section of its website or contacting the company's press helpline. Although you should often find a link to the board of directors under the press release hub, the exact procedure depends on the individual company.

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Once in the press information section of a company's website, look for a link to the page for the board of directors. The link may read "Board of Directors," "Leadership" or a similar phrase. If the information is not available on the website, look for contact information and get in touch with the press department of the company.

You can use the CTRL+F or CMD+F key combinations to bring up the search function of your Internet browser. You can then type words that may refer to the board of directors to find the link easily. For instance, search for "leadership" on the Apple Press Info page to find the link to the page that lists the board of directors.

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