What Are Some BNN Top Stock Picks?

Some BNN stock picks, as of December 2015, include Home Depot, Luxottica Group, Bird Construction, Granite Oil and Transcontinental, notes the BNN website. Each stock has a different ticker symbol and is subject to underlying economic conditions such as interest rates.

The Home Depot trades under the ticker symbol HD.N, and the company is competitive in the home retail industry, reports the BNN website. Home Depot stock trends in conjunction with the housing market. Spending on home improvement in addition to upbeat consumer confidence also impact Home Depot stock performance. Luxottica Group trades under LUX.N and is one of the largest eyeglass frame makers worldwide. The company owns LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Sunglass Hut. It also has a portfolio of brands that consists of Ban, Oakley and Persol.

Bird Construction, trading under BDT.TO, is a general contractor. The company offers a diversified revenue mix from the industrial and residential sectors. Some of the advanced financial metrics, such as EBITDA and EPS, make it a noteworthy stock pick. Granite Oil, which trades under GXO.TO, has cash-flowing and sustainable yield assets, explains the BNN website. Analysts recognize the value and price momentum with the company. Finally, Transcontinental, under TCLa.TO, is a consolidator in the print, magazines, newspapers and catalog industry. Transcontinental also offers dividend payments.