Does BlueCross Health Insurance Offer PPO Policies?


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BlueCross offers multiple insurance plans, depending on the location, including the BluePreferred PPO plan. The PPO plan allows the insured person to choose the doctor or hospital, as well as retain better control over potential health costs. There are also fewer restrictions on choosing a primary care provider and requiring referrals for certain treatments.

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PPO plans offer the freedom for the insured individual to choose doctors that may be outside of the preferred network. Although this may lead to greater costs for the insured person, some prefer the freedom to choose a particular doctor or hospital that is preferred to those available in the plan's network. BlueCross offers a large provider network, with more than 24,000 providers. The PPO plan offered through BlueCross also includes annual exams and doctor visits to provide preventative care. Children can also be covered for typical well-child visits and immunizations. Women- and men-specific examinations, such as mammograms and pap tests, and prostate cancer screenings are also offered. Emergency medical care, including hospitalization, surgery, inpatient and outpatient treatments, injuries, allergy testing, x-rays, maternity care and more.

Regarding dental and vision coverage, customers can choose between traditional dental or the preferred PPO dental plan, and BlueVision or BlueVision Plus. It should be noted that the BluePreferred PPO vision plans are designed for group plans only.

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