What Is a Bluebird Card, and Is There a Monthly Fee to Use It?


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A Bluebird card is a prepaid debit card created by American Express and Wal-Mart. The card has no monthly fees, although creating an account is $5 as of April 2015. The other fee associated with the card is a $2.50 surcharge for cash withdrawals at a non-MoneyPass ATM.

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The Bluebird card is stamped with AmEx’s blue-and-white logo, and the cards are available for purchase online and in person at all of Wal-Mart’s stores. The kit to create an account is available at Wal-Mart and also through a smartphone application. Unlike many other prepaid debit cards, the card does not have any monthly maintenance fees, annual fees or activation fees. The card is also FDIC-insured, meaning that Bluebird has deposit insurance, check capabilities and allows Social Security checks, military pay and other government benefits to be deposited into an account. This security makes the card a legitimate substitute to a checking account.

Some people like prepaid cards because users do not have to link the cards to any of their accounts. That feature makes them popular among students and younger people. Their parents can provide them money without the risk of having the card linked to one of their personal accounts.

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