What Is Blue Medicare?


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MedicareBlue is the name for a series of Medicare Part D plans administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Blue Medicare may also refer to Medicare Advantage plans offered by the same company. These supplemental insurance plans provide additional coverage to Medicare subscribers, including prescription coverage.

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Standard Medicare coverage does not include prescription coverage, unless medications are administered as a part of an outpatient procedure. Medicare Part D plans are prescription-only insurance plans designed to work with Medicare, covering pharmacy costs. Subscribers must opt in to Part D coverage, and if a plan is chosen at a date after Medicare coverage begins, a late-enrollment fee may be charged.

Medicare Advantage plans, or Medicare Part C, are private plans that cover prescriptions as well as doctor and hospital visits. When a subscriber chooses Part C, the private plan replaces regular Medicare coverage, and all claims are handled by the insurer. The cost of a Medicare Part C plan may be more than traditional Medicare coverage.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield administer a variety of different Medicare supplemental plans, and their MedicareBlue plans typically feature multiple tiers of coverage. Subscribers can opt for a lower monthly premium with a deductible, or pay more up front for reduced costs at the pharmacy.

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