How Do Blue Cross Insurance Quotes Compare to Other Health Insurance Quotes?


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In a 2015 case study, Blue Cross's quotes for 45 and 55-year-old nonsmokers were slightly above the average amount quoted by other health insurance companies across five ZIP codes. However, all the factors that affect the cost of insurance policies were not considered in the study, claims Top Ten Reviews.

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The premiums were within the price range of all the other evaluated providers, according to Top Ten Reviews. In the case study, the reviewers examined a policy for individual nonsmokers of ages 35, 45 and 50 and then priced the insurance plan across five ZIP codes to get an average.

Blue Cross scores higher than most insurance providers in terms of the enhancements it provides. For example, it gives discounts in most of its health and wellness programs through its Blue365 initiative. The cuts cover enrollments in health clubs, diet programs and fitness programs among many other products and services, as Top Ten Reviews lists.

Blue Cross is a conglomeration of 37 independent companies operating in different states. This structure also affects the pricing of its quotes since prices may vary from one location to the other, as indicated by Top Ten Reviews. However, the size of Blue Cross is considered an advantage since it can offer a larger variety of insurance plans and benefits than most of its competitors.

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