What Does the Blue Cross Advantage Plan Offer?


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Blue Cross offers several Advantage Plans, and all cover Part A and Part B of Medicare. Some plans also cover prescription drugs, which is Medicare Part D, and the combined plans form Medicare Part C, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield Network of Michigan.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationwide network of 36 independent member companies along with the association and Federal Employee Program. Each member company determines the type of Advantage Plan it offers. Blue Cross of Arizona only offers health maintenance organizations, while Blue Cross of Alabama only has preferred provider networks. In locations such as Florida, members have several options from which to choose, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

In Michigan, members have the choice between light, balanced or extended plans. The light plan provides the basics with a lower monthly rate, making it a good beginning place for Medicare participants in good overall health. The balanced plan costs more per month but offers more coverage, including a lower copay for office visits and prescription drug coverage. The extended plan offers the highest level of protection, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield Network of Michigan.

Medicare Advantage plans work more like the insurance plans people may have had before they turned 65 and qualified for Medicare. With Advantage plans, people have a single identification card they use at the doctor’s office and pharmacy or for any covered expense, reports Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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